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Finance Live Projects 2018-19

5th Successful Live Project Year!

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4th live project initiative

The Money Roller’s Research Culture: Original, Hard Core, Blatant and Genuine Research

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6-Step Live Project Process

1.Register Online

Register for the Finance Live Project Module of your choice!

2.Industry Level Training

Enroll and get access to training modules containing live market cases. Get prepared to work on industry level projects.

3.Take the Test

Clear the online exam and be eligible for the live project.

4.Live Project

Be eligible for the at least two online Live Project throughout the year

5. Industry Mentorship

Project will be executed under the guidance of Industry mentor


Upon Completion of the project KRA's certificate will be given to the students

established 2014

TMR's Research Culture

Today the Indian Financial Research industry is in dire need of original researchers. What is being provided today in the name of the research is superficial data jumbling or even quite often time pre-decided propaganda. While working in this industry for last few years, we have come to realize that there is a huge scarcity of good researchers and that is due to false researching values and faulty research methodology. Therefore to change this status quo, in TMR we have adopted our very own research culture where there is emphasis on originality!

Yes!!! In TMR we believe in creating our own genuine research,  our analysts go as deep as they can to bring out the real picture and in the process they become experts of their domain.

Live project students play very important role in the research process.During  the course of the Live Projects, young minds with their fresh approach will create new knowledge under the guidance of our industry experts!


What Our

Students say.

"They really make you think! Pretty good experience for the past two months (Apr-May equity market research internship batch) and I can say that this course really opened my eyes to what goes on in the stock markets ! You would frankly not have such a learning curve by attending classes or reading books ! Practical knowledge is key , experience is key and they have tried to incorporate both as much as possible in this duration of two months."
"One of the best things to have happened in my life. They have shown me a completely different approach for research on financial markets. The learnings are beyond any book or classroom, and the mentors are the best you can get."
"Best place to actually learn something. Even a non finance person can understand under their guidance. I loved the internship. I wish to do further internships with them. Keep it up !"
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