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STEP 1: Sign up & Complete the profile

Sign up in tmrlive platform and update your profile. Complete profile will be helpful in live projects, internship and communications.

STEP 2: Subscribe to the TMR Finance Universe

Complete the requisite modules for Equity Research in the TMR Finance Universe. This Universe has hands on case studies based on actual market data and methodologies to analyse the data. This is required, so that in the project we do not discuss the basics and straightway move on to indepth research. 

STEP 3: Pass the Equity Researcher Test

Upon completion of the requisite modules, appear for the Equity Research Live Project Test. It should be easy if you have gone through the content. You will get 3 attempts to clear the test. On doing so our team will mail you the form , select your project duration from April -May, May-June, and June-July. Thereafter you will recieve the project invite. You are in! 

STEP 4: You are in! Learn and Contribute in the Knowledge Community

Solve real life problems. Learn and build your skills through blogs, community posts,  discussions and exploration

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