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All the live projects are administered onlineunder the guidance of industry mentors

In this module we analyse option max pain in thorough detail - calculating and backtesting it and building strategies on stocks.

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An 8 week project where we go into the depths of the data, stats and financials of particular sectors. All the data leads to us forming views of the sector and company's future value using emperical calculations. Its an ideal and practical project for the students who want to be a part of any of the following careers: Research Analyst, Investment Banker, Credit Analyst and Investor.

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1 Lessons

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Build yourself bit by bit everyday through continuous content, contemporary discussions, live projects, challenges, competitions.

At TMRLIVE we make knowledge and experience quest a part of your life. 

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How Do We Create Amazing Programs

In today’s age of YouTube, we believe that static knowledge is available for everyone. So to excel in this rapidly growing world one needs to have experience.

Students gain real world working experience through discussions, case studies, assignments. Knowledge gained by students is applied by them in live projects


Our Ultimate Purpose

Our purpose is to create an ecosystem where aspirants get trained for excellence using real time case studies and raw data based learning, fostered by interactions with experts.

This is  followed by implications and applications to solve real time problems in the live projects



We Are Optimists Who
Love To Work Together ... Come Join Us

We are creating a platform which aims to bring young blood, experts, start ups together, changing the way of learning and catapulting the research and start up ecosystem. Those who share the same vision, those who want to make a dent in the universe, come join us!! 

Association can be of any sort, form or type. The important thing is to move forward.


What they said

Best...!!! Today in India, we rarely find something in education sector which provids knowledge which is practical and applicable in professional life... TMR provide such knowledge.
Chinmay Antani


It was a great experience and Joyful journey to work on Live Project with The Money Roller.I have learned lot of new things while working with team TMR. I am thankful to team The Money Roller .
Prasad Kulkarni
I joined the project as a complete fresher and the 3 months journey I had with The Money Roller was filled with great learning and hard core research.I loved the concept and appreciate the efforts of the whole team and would love to work with them anytime in future.
Suhani Chaudhary
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