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Research is discovering new knowledge... Lets do it together!

Live Research Projects | Experiential Learning

We are creating an ecosystem where aspirants solve real time problems in the live research projects whilst working with market experts.


The TMR Finance and Data Universes bring them up to speed using real time case studies and raw data based learning, fostered by interactions with experts.

The Sky is The Limit

How it works?

1. Subscribe

Subscribe to the Universe of your choice. Either

TMR Finance Universe or

TMR Data Science Universe

2. Training & Growth

Get your knowledge up to speed by going through the modules, case studies and attending live interactions on TMRLIVE

3. Live Project test

In order to be a part of a Live Project that you want to work in, clear the test that is related to that Live Project before the project begins.

4. Live Project

Upon qualifying, you obtain invites to the Live Sessions, where the project is explained and carried out. Attend those and do the assignments within the deadline.

5. Mentor-ship

Mentors will guide you throughout the project and help you attain the project objectives.

6. Certificate

Internship Certificate will be granted to those students who successfully complete the objectives of the project, the requisite assignments and the corrections or changes as suggested by the mentor.


Bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical exposure and build yourself bit by bit everyday. 

At TMRLive we make knowledge and experience a part of your daily life through continuous content, live projects, contemporary discussions, challenges and competitions.

We Solve Real Problems​

Mentor guided live projects

Live projects are conducted through live webinars sessions where our mentors interact with students and guide them step by step into the research being carried out.

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360 Degree collaboration with colleges across India.  

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