Equity Research Winter Project – Jan 2020

An 8 week project where we go into the depths of the data, stats and financials of particular sectors. All the data leads to us forming views of the sector and company's future value using emperical calculations. Its an ideal and practical project for the students who want to be a part of any of the following careers: Research Analyst, Investment Banker, Credit Analyst and Investor.

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In this project we take a look at a few key sectors and carry out equity research by adopting the top down approach. An absolute hands – on experience for the students who wish to be a part of this, since they will be interacting with our research team during the 8 – weeks via live webinars and with their mentors through whats app.

A few pre-requisite modules are required to be completed before being a part of this project. Please do the needful in order to get access to the invite to the live sessions.

List of Pre-Requisite Modules:

  1. Domestic Macro-Economics
  2. Global  Macro-Economics
  3. Case Study – The Power of Original Research
  4. Understanding Financial Statements
  5. Annual Reports Analysis
  6. IPO Analysis and Ratios
  7. Valuation